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Locksmith The Hague - All LocksAll Locks

Slotenmaker-DenHaag.Nu Repairs or changes every brand of locks.

Locksmith The Hague - open Without DamageOpen without Damage

Slotenmaker-DenHaag.Nu Tries to open your door without Damage, we will break the lock only in worst case.

Locksmith The Hague - We Repair FirstWe repair first

Slotenmaker-DenHaag.Nu Tries always to repair the lock before deciding to replace it. This saves you time and money

Locksmith The Hague - AlwaysAlways

Slotenmaker-DenHaag.Nu® We help you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Locksmith The Hague - EverywhereEverywhere

Slotenmaker-DenHaag.Nu® has locksmiths everywhere in the The Hague.

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Locksmith The Hague

Whether you have problems with locks, safes or doors, our local all-round locksmith service will come to you within 30 minutes. Once you call us, our staff will diagnose the problem over the phone, give you an estimate of the cost, exact arrival time and dispatch a service locksmith right away.

Locksmith the Hague is approved
 to help you with anything from simple 
lock fitting and emergency door openings, 
to the installation of complete door entry systems, 
safes and security grilles.

We work with business and home customers across the Hague and surrounding areas, and work together with affiliated companies to provide the best quality service at affordable prices. Your security is our business  || Slotenmaker.Nu© ||call us  ☎ 070-3451800

Locksmith The Hague - Slotenmaker-DenHaag.Nu

Services of Locksmith the Hague

We help businesses and home customers alike, especially if…

  • You need to find a reliable, accredited firm of locksmiths.
  • You are locked out, your lock is jammed or your keys were stolen.
  • You are moving home and want new locks on your doors or windows
  • You want to be sure that your new locks are thief-resistant, insurance-rated (SKG & Politiekeurmerk)

Slotenmaker-Den Haag.NU delivers a true emergency locksmith service. You can rely on us regardless what time of day (or night) it is: we will be there to let you in.

The standard “slammed-shut door”

The “slammed-shut door” situation, by some estimates, occurs 300 times a day in The Hague alone. In most cases our locksmith will open the door without damaging the lock. You can try to open the door yourself, using a piece of plastic can to push the latch bolt back into the body of a lock, or to reach through the letterbox to open the door. But this can be trickier than it appears.

Missing keys (they are stolen, lost or simply not available)

Unlike the “slammed-shut door” situation, no self-help proposal will work here if the door were properly locked by turning the key in one or several deadlocks. And you don’t have the key. Call us and give our locksmith proper information on what was locked when the last user left through that door. The locksmith may have to pick or drill the deadlocks on that door open. If he drills them open, they may have to be replaced.

Need a new lock

Whether your keys were stolen, or you experienced a break-in, or a break-up, or you are moving into new commercial or residential premises, you will need a new lock. Locks can be changed without the intervention of a locksmith – most locks are sold with fitting instructions. However, it is important to get the correct lock for the purpose. When replacing locks, the new lock should be identical to the old one. Otherwise a simple DIY job can turn into a very time-consuming nightmare. In other words, if it needs to be done properly, our locksmith will normally win hands down.


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